Too many responsibilities? or opportunities for rewards?            Being a wife and a mom is a 24/7 job, where you can’t call in sick. There’s no watering down of the tremendous responsibilities that come along with being a mom and wife. Your responsibilities include but aren’t limited to chasing kids, teaching, feeding, dressing, and disciplining them, along with  household chores and serving the husband- all to be done while looking pleasant and keeping on a smile. Within this hectic work schedule, you probably wish you could find some time to study Islam, attend lectures, learn Arabic, or do something “Islamic” not related to motherhood. Feelings of guilt start to build up and suddenly, the workload seems too overwhelming and you resent your job, because in your mind you’re not “doing much” for your deen. And you want to blame the husband and kids.
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13 ways to combat mommy khushoo’ woes

Girl on top of praying mom

“Allaahu Akbar”. You’ve begun Dhuhur prayer, right hand over left, and eyes fixed on the ground. Just as you’re about to begin reciting suratul Fatiha you realize you left your lipstick on the floor, and now lipstick is on the wall.
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7 reasons why you should start memorizing Quran TODAY!

When it comes to memorizing the Quran it’s easy for us to make excuses. “Oh, I’ll start when the kids are older”, we say.  Or we set conditions like, “I want to learn tajweed first”. And sometimes, we even mislead ourselves saying, “Reciting and understanding is more important, so I’ll work on that first”. These are all mere distractions to attaining what is superior.
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